Do Your Friends Inspire You


Some friends of mine got together and created an online magazine:



I was checking it out and was very inspired because all of these people have other full-time jobs, some of which are not even art related. They just share a common interest in fashion and art. I started pondering about the people I usually have around me and the people I tend to attract.

Now I can honestly say that I attract and spend time with like minded people but this is very recent for me. A few years ago I was working just to be working and driving myself crazy because I felt like I had no direction.

I had many interests: fashion, business, art, graphic design, planning, but I felt shackled by my interests. 

If I chose this one, what about that one. What if I pick and then don’t like it. Wasted money, time….blah blah blah


Eventually it got to the point where I was about to be a mother and could not imagine raising my child feeling so undecided. I decided to chose.

A few choices later and I think I’ve found it. What I realized is that the more my mind focused, the more people I attracted that inspired me and gave me confidence.

As I feel more confident, the less I hang out with people that lack direction. Furthermore as I continue to realize my dreams the new people I encounter and interact with have similar interest or at least respect and enjoy my own. 

On my path, every once in a while I am going to remind myself to take a look around me. If the people that surround me lack focus, have opposite interest or little respect for mine, I will know that it’s time to re-direct and focus my energies.

So that question is:

Do your friends inspire you?


My Career Muse



I’m unsure if muse is the right word, but Jade Foo really inspires me to do what she does! Currently I don’t have permission to show her fabulous work, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, the link will lead you to her pieces. Continue reading

Photoshop Warning Label

Photo Manipulation Warning

Should We Remind Viewers?

I want to make photos gorgeous.

I want to make them sexy.

I want to make them provocative.

I’ve always loved the glossy photos of Glamour, Vogue, InSyle, Cosmopolitan. These magazines contain some of the  shiniest, most perfect human specimens that many people have ever “seen”. As of late most people know that photo manipulation is the only way these beautiful models look as perfect as they do.

The problem is that when a lot of men and women look at these photos they tend to disregard the manipulation, even though they know it’s there. They still think that models are perfect.

In order to rid myself of the guilt, I thought maybe I should put warming labels on my work. Something small, kind of like the old labels on cigarette cartons. From low, moderate to heavy manipulation labels, all of my work would have a reminder.

Maybe to help society understand the art in what we do, we need to remind them that often times what they are seeing isn’t real.